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COVID-19 Solutions

U-Safe SecurityVideo Intercom Products

Offering a comprehensive range of products to enable more efficient and convenient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. Choose from our high-performance IP-based products, analog-based products, or 2-wire products to suit your project needs.

  • All products can be configured and managed easily using the iVMS-4200 platform. If you are using the IP or 2-wire video intercom products, our mobile app gives you the power of remote operation. Use it to receive calls, play video, and even unlock the door on it.
  • Our video intercom systems can also be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems. This adds protection for video intercom products used in residential areas or commercial premises that require higher security levels.
Video Intercom Products

COVID-19 Video IntercomSolutions Overview:

2-Wire Series Video Intercom Products

2-Wire Series

Easy-to-install intercom system that only needs two wires for power, audio, video, control signal data transmission.

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4-Wire Series (Analog) Video Intercom Products

4-Wire Series (Analog)

4-Wire analog products are popular choices for residential solutions, creating more security and serenity for your home.

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F8-Wire Series (Analog) Video Intercom Products

8-Wire Series (Analog)

8-wire Series is designed primarily for limited-budget apartment intercom systems.

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IP Series Video Intercom Products

IP Series

The IP-Series Video Intercom products can serve a wide rage of scenarios including apartments and suburban homes.

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Doorbell Video Intercom Products


The Doorbell provides functions such as basic intercom, alarm, access control and remote control to guarantee users' safety and convenience with high cost-effectiveness.

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Kits Video Intercom Products


The products you need for a complete video intercom system are delivered to you in these ready-to-go kits.

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Video Intercom Products
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