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U-Safe SecurityANPR

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is the use of cameras to detect, identify and record a vehicles movement within an area.
The use of ANPR is no longer restricted to the Police – in fact, many car parks and other restricted zones are now using ANPR technology to protect and monitor their property.

  • Detect: The ANPR camera detects movement of a vehicle and reads the number plate using ANPR technology.
  • Identify: Number plate data is received by the ANPR recognition engine which identifies the vehicle.
  • Record: Many ANPR systems record for a set time after the vehicle is detected, recording in full colour the occupants of the vehicle.

ANPR is especially useful in traffic control environments, where you need to monitor and in certain cases identify a vehicle and it’s occupants – such as Scrap Yards, Car Parks and such.

Where it is necessary to record occupants – the camera needs to be positioned carefully and will need a polarising filter to combat windscreen glare. Light conditions are important – so usually a site inspection is necessary before a quotation can be given.

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition