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CCTV Building Sites

CCTV Building SitesU-Safe Security

We specialise in securing all types of Building site and construction sites to keep your projects on track.

With every site / project being Setout differently with different requirements we design a bespoke security system to fit your needs weather it be a static fixed lenses i.p CCTV security system or a smart PTZ camera system with 200 meters night vision and auto tracking technology.

We offer an offsite monitoring service from our secure monitoring station as an additional level of security. Will monitor your site remotely from 6.00pm through to 7.00am making sure no unwanted visitors put your projects at risk.

We can set up secure vehicle compounds keeping all your Site plant equipment secure at all times.

No Hardwires internet connection is no problem with our secure 4G LITE Routers which can keep your sites connected 24/7 365 days a year.

CCTV Building Sites